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Updates and improvements to HostJupyter

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Inverted Images and Comparison Pages

Screenshot of a published HostJupyter site with a text reading 'Why Choose HostJupyter Vs FastPages'.

Inverted Image Colours

Because most notebooks don't produce dark-mode friendly images, we've introduced an option that allows you to invert the colour of your images in their output cells.

Use Case Pages

We've introduced use case pages to help you determine if HostJupyter is a good fit for you:

Comparison Pages

Similarly, we now have comparison pages comparing HostJupyter to better known alternatives:

Other fixes and improvements

  • We'll now show a small icon beside any of your notebooks that aren't published.
  • Fixed table formatting so that long titles don't push on to a new line.
  • Fixed pagination for HTML tables with more than 10 items.
  • Anchor links throughout the site should now show a destination on hover.