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Jupyter Notebook Publisher

Screenshot of a site customization panel on the left, with associated output on the right

Notebook publisher

We've decided to make it easier than ever to publish and share Jupyter notebooks. With the Jupyter Notebook Publisher, all you have to do is upload your notebook file and it'll be automatically published with a beautifully themed layout.

For further customization of your notebooks, just jump into the app interface.

Improved notebook layout

We've improved the general layout and spacing of your published notebooks. We've also dropped the fixed-header to give your viewers more reading room when they scroll.

Social share buttons

With the additional spacing, we've been able to introduce social share buttons to your notebooks. This makes it easier than ever for your work to be shared across social media sites.

Other fixes and improvements

  • The app interface now defaults to light mode for new sites.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing indexing of h1-h6 tags in site-wide search. Just re-publish your notebooks to reindex them.
  • We'll now automatically generate a thumbnail when you upload a new notebook.
  • We now provide dark mode and light mode background patterns for when you generate a thumbnail. This leads to consistent thumbnails across all notebooks.