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Drag-and-Drop Ordering and Related Notebooks

Screenshot of the new HostJupyter application interface highlighting how Jupyter notebooks can be ordered and nested.

Order and nest your notebooks

You can order and nest your notebooks through a drag-and-drop editor! This allows for grouping of notebooks by hierarchy.

Mark notebooks as related

You can now mark different notebooks as related. In your notebook sidebar, head over to General > [Related] and select the notebooks you want to mark as related.

Related notebooks will display underneath your table of contents.

Create header navigation links

You can create header navigation links to point to either external websites or existing notebooks. If you're linking to an existing notebook, that notebook must be in a "Public" state to be visible on your site.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We now show author information alongside the visible notebook.
  • On mobile screens, notebook information (author, table of contents, related notebooks) is now accessible through a menu icon.
  • We now intelligently prefetch your notebooks when you're using the HostJupyter app. This means no more 1 second loads when switching notebooks.
  • Before deleting a notebook, site or team, we'll show an "are you sure" popover as these actions cannot be undone.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling for notebook output tables.
  • Notebooks titles now overflow with an ellipsis in the notebook sidebar.
  • We no longer round your site logo by default (I apparently forgot that not all logos are round :-P).
  • We validate that your notebook files are within reasonable constraints before upload.
  • Forms no longer validate as you're typing, only when you're done. Should reduce the number of pesky errors you see.
  • We're now caching responses when someone visits your custom domain. This makes subsequent site visits blazing fast.