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Site-Wide Search

Screenshot of the HostJupyter application interface highlighting the search dropdown.


Super excited to introduce HostJupyter search - a personal search engine for your site. Out of the box, we'll now index the contents of your published Jupyter notebooks.

This means that when a viewer visits your site, they'll now be able to use the search widget to find exactly what they're looking for in milliseconds.

Check out the homepage for a demo!

Other fixes and improvements

  • We now show a link icon when a user hovers over a heading. This makes your notebooks more easily shareable.
  • Browsers will now use your site's primary color when deciding on the color of the menubar. E.g. visiting on mobile will change the menubar color to beige.
  • Setting a notebook as related will now create a two-way relationship.
  • Fixed searching for related notebooks in the app interface.
  • Improved 404 messaging when a viewer enters an incorrect URL for your site.
  • Images in an output cell will now take the full width of that cell.
  • Improved typography throughout the app and published sites. Everything now feels a little bolder.
  • Significant app performance improvements through better memoization.