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Thumbnails, Sites And No Credit Card Trials

Screenshot of the HostJupyter application interface highlighting generate image capabilities for Jupyter notebooks

Auto-generate thumbnails

You can now auto-generate thumbnails for your Jupyter notebooks through the HostJupyter interface. This is great for sharing notebooks across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We also handle other SEO details such as title and description on your behalf.

Don't like the auto-generated thumbnails? You can also upload your own.

Multiple sites

Create multiple sites under one team account. This means you can now group together notebooks by theme e.g. one site for your portfolio and another for your blog or machine learning experiments.

No credit card trials

In addition to now being able to create an account with email and password, you no longer need to enter your credit card details to trial the premium product.

A trial will be created automatically once you create an account. If you don't like it after 7 days, you'll be downgraded to an accessible free plan.

Other fixes and improvements

  • No more annoying in-app notifications when you successfully update a notebook or a site.
  • Scrollbars no longer appear by default on Windows browsers.
  • Reloading the browser now displays the last-selected team, site and notebook.
  • Notebook sidebar is now open by default. This greatly reduces the number of clicks around the interface.