Use cases

Fully-Hosted Solution For Your Data Science Portfolio

Aspiring data scientists can use HostJupyter to show off their portfolio. Free to get started.

Screenshot of the HostJupyter application interface

How can HostJupyter help host your data science portfolio?

Fully hosted

The fastest way to set up a site. No more troubleshooting issues with self-hosting.

SEO optimised

Published notebooks are search-engine indexed with auto-generated thumbnails for sharing on social media.

Personalized theming

As simple as choosing dark or light mode and setting a primary colour and code highlighter of your choice.

One-click domains

Sites served on custom domains benefit from's distributed hosting and SSL certificate's issued by LetsEncrypt.

Automatically interactive

We automatically add interactivity to your notebooks, allowing viewers to filter, sort or paginate data.

Complete versioning

We track changes to notebooks over time, with simple visibility into how your notebook has evolved over time.

Multi-site publishing

Group together notebooks across multiple sites, each with their own theming and publishing settings.

Personal search engine

We use Algolia to enable cutting-edge search and discovery for your site. Fully keyboard accessible.

Screenshot of the HostJupyter application interface

Still not convinced?

Use our free tool to try it for yourself. Get a taste of how HostJupyter can improve the portfolio experience.